Fiscally Sponsored Projects: Change Agents in Action!

As fiscal sponsor of the following 50 + initiatives, Empowerment WORKS vets each to ensure that their actions advance our charitable mission, and that their leadership reflects our values.

While EW provides 501c3 nonprofit status, mentorship and other impact tools, these creative front-line leaders provide limitless social innovation and inspiration as we work to build a learning community together, and catalyze greater impact through collaboration.

Explore links below the map, get inspired and get involved!  


Project Title w/ website link, Project Focus - Year began w/ EW:

The Emergence Project uses media and film to highlight the positive and creative traits of people with African decent, that have long existed, in the emergence of Black entrepreneurs, leaders, and change agents on a global scale. - 2017

Digital Smoke Signals Indigenous Social Network creates, designs and builds film, documentaries, and online media to uphold indigenous rights and protect sacred lands. #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife - 2017

Chaikuni Institute investigates and promotes sustainable access to plant medicine, healthy food and economic opportunities for local communities in the Peruvian Amazon. - 2016

Dageno Girls School is a residential education center for Tanzanian girls, offering holistic support, academics, entrepreneurial leadership & life skills. - 2016

Network of Early-Career Sustainable Scientists & Engineers (NESSE) is a movement of young scientists and engineers connecting to tackle global sustainability challenges. - 2016

Living Arts Foundation is a community center focused on arts and sustainable ecology providing space for artists, musicians, writers, film-makers, performers and art enthusiasts from the Asheville area to gather and collaborate. - 2016

Venice Coalition to Preserve Unique Community Character (VC-PUCC) is committed to protecting the visual & cultural resources and affordable housing that contribute to our unique and diverse community fabric of Venice Beach, CA. - 2016

Agri-links supports women farmers across Africa, starting in Zimbabwe, with appropriate mobile information & technology to arrest the decline in food productivity and improve livelihoods and standards of living in Rural communities. - 2016

North American Permaculture Convergence brings together an exceptional collective of individuals who are committed to creating healthy living systems to make a more resilient future possible. - 2016

The Diversity Conference promotes Unification, Networking, Innovation, Talent Acquisition, and Educational Enrichment amongst minority groups throughout the Western Region. - 2016

Red Lightning transformational education initiative )( at 8:30 & Esplanade )( brings balance and healing between the masculine and feminine on Earth as a first step towards a cosmic consciousness. - 2016

Musical Activist Alliance mobilizes direct collective action and support for crucial environmental and social justice movements through partnerships with the music industry. - 2015

One Heart - One Spirit film project celebrates indigenous wisdom by promoting respect and equality for all human beings, as well as respect for the Earth with it's incredible biodiversity of animals and plants. - 2015

Green Seed Arts plants the seeds to keep future generations thinking creatively through heart-centered collaborative arts groups, producing public artworks and empowered change-makers. - 2015

Helping Others Rise distributes educational supplies to students to foster intellectual growth and development and to prepare students to flourish in their communities.  - 2015

The PMS Telethon is a televised and live streamed fundraising event dedicated to finding healthy, female centered, cures for cramps, endometriosis and fibroids. - 2015

I.AM.LIFE is a youth empowerment project that combines life-affirming art, music & media to create immersive, transformational experiences of interconnectivity.  - 2015

The Glow Exchange connects and empowers women in diverse local and global communities to build The Glow Effect Centers for Women and Girls, sustainable collectives for learning, earning, and thriving.  - 2015

Village Ventures International is a social enterprise promoting sustainable agribusiness for rural development, advancing food security, nutrition access, and economic independence of women and youth. - 2015

Agbeti Tree of Life serves to heal and empower communities in Ghana, West Africa through holistic herbal treatments and providing information on the links between diet, life style and illness and dis-ease. - 2015

BioNova™ Health works to optimize the global health potential of medicinal plants and equitably share the benefits thereof with the communities and natural heritage of source.’ - 2015

Cowrie Village is redefining wealth in the East Bay (CA) through ~ cash-free barter events, the online saltmine, and Rootical Gathering, a local lending circle based on the sou-sou model with roots in West Africa. - 2014

Paititi Institute is devoted to the integration of indigenous wisdom into everyday life - serving as an intercultural bridge supporting individuals and communities to live activated, responsible and joyful beings in harmony with both inner and outer landscapes. - 2014 (Reclaim Recycle Reuse Computer) keeps computers out of landfills and into the hands of kids in need (k-6th grade) by refurbishing computers, partnerships with youth groups, and providing vocations IT skils. - 2014

permEzone sponsors family farmers in food deficient communities to train in sustainable food system design, and supports them in sharing knowledge and experience within their community using mobile phone technology.  - 2014

Uraydi's Village supports vulnerable children and their extended families around the globe by co-developing social, economic and environmentally renewable systems with the communities it serves.  - 2014

Our Sacred Acres is an Impact Center for local and global conscious community development; providing a place to connect deeply in nature and practice skills for living lightly together using appropriate technologies and permaculture principles.  - 2014

Global Service Partnerships works to transform both the lives of U.S. citizens and those in developing countries through building mutually beneficial partnerships to address educational challenges.  - 2014

We Are Powerful is empowering relationships: with each other, ourselves, the planet and other things on the planet, including tobacco - through both the development of local+global community, and the creation of empowering media.  - 2014

Human Empowerment Network (HEN) serves both combat veterans and the needs of communities through regenerative social and economic development emphasizing the assets within a community, empowered to bring change from within. - 2014

The Grandmothers Empowerment Project provides financial assistance to Native American Elders in the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion so they can continue their educational outreach sharing sustainable lifeways & traditional indigenous practices. - 2014


Qeyno Labs' mission is to transform children's lives and give them the power to transform their worlds through social innovation, education and technology.  - 2014

Revision Ventures closes the wealth gap by giving small businesses and young people access to resources and opportunities that can help them be competitive in the modern economy.  - 2014

Cosmic Convergence Festival - cultural event series serving local community impact in Guatemala and creating a legacy for our Ancestral Future.  - 2013

Project Nuevo Mundo Foundation connects People and Impact Centers encouraging resource sharing online and on the ground to catalyze planetary regeneration and individual transformation. - 2013

Visualizing Impact is today's digital social justice movement - exposing inequalities with powerful and intuitively designed InfoGraphics, video animations, and other interactive data-visualization tools. - 2013 

The Visionaria Network nurtures the next generation of sustainable development leaders through empowering young, indigenous women to create social and environmental improvements within their communities. - 2013

The Asheville Tool Library works to provide low cost access to a wide range of tools, literature, and knowledge to citizens of Asheville, NC and its surrounding communities.  - 2013

Here is Why: PROJECTS connects agents of change with the people, places and things which require it.  A creative collective aiming to inspire others to embrace the unfamiliar through video, photography and words. - 2013

NorCal Community Resilience Network builds thriving Transition Initiatives across Northern California through networking, capacity building and community support for a positive transition from fossil fuel dependency.  - 2013

EdTrip Project empowers low-income and under-served students reach their educational goals while promoting a sense of responsible citizenship through innovative learning programs, travel and inclusiveness.  - 2013

Living Mandala Education Fund supports ecologically and social regenerative education for individuals, families, communities, organizations, and collaborative projects. - 2013

Megabook Initiative empowers children in underprivileged areas of the world with increased access to books so they may develop the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills needed to become our next leaders. - 2013

Transition Albany invites all of Albany, California to create a positive transition from fossil fuel dependency to vital, engaged, resilient and interdependent community. - 2013

Sucre Blue is a nonprofit healthcare company providing quality access to patients around the world. - 2013

Thousand Locks Charity increases the availability of free wigs for those with medical needs like cancer and alopeicia through salon partnerships and public hair donation events. - 2013

Data Roads Foundation helps to build a new human-centric global Internet, to extend and enhance the institution-centric Internet that provides the best human-to-human communication tools available today. - 2013

Eco Womb connects with you to create a simple and sustainable way of life with your family, providing safe and eco-conscious resources and products. - 2013

Los Angles Microfinance Network empowers a community of microfinance advocates in the Los Angeles area through the exchange of ideas and information about microfinance practices and social entrepreneurship.  - 2013

Women’s P2P Network ignites a movement to connect every woman on earth, including the nearly 700 million of the world’s women who are being left behind because of barriers such as literacy, access, and privacy concerns.  - 2012

Construyendo Futuros empowers All Generations to make Healthy Relationships the Norm through Education, Prevention and Intervention  - 2012

The Needs Report promotes a ground-up approach to development by providing a public platform for individuals to report their needs - and making their voices heard. - 2011

Rise Up Development Collective brings reliable medical access and tools for the people of Wli Todzi, Ghana, to empower themselves while retaining indigenous knowledge & self-reliance. - 2011


The Simama Project empowers underprivileged Kenyan youth by giving them the tools they need to get themselves out of poverty. - 2011


The Bayview BOOM Artcar/Artbike Parade fosters economic opportunity through a co-creative neighborhood festival on wheels. - 2011


Uganda Project (UP) provides free education, housing, mentoring and other services to extraordinary students for positive global change. - 2011


Exponential Education strengthens the basic education fundamentals for extraordinary youth in Africa and India through a self-multiplying scholarship & mentor-ship program. - 2011

109 World platform creating positive impact in a way that fits lifestyle. - 2015

Mud Water multidisciplinary dance theater project - 2015

Coaching for Social Change professional coaching and training - 2015  

Vets2Vets helps veterans transform into financially independent - 2015  

We Vote empowers people to reach consensus by creating a digital democracy - 2015

 community based production of tents for
Tibetan women in exile  - 2014

The Beehive
 crowdfunding platform for the humanitarian community  - 2014

Cambio Creativo is an educational partnership for socially at-risk youth - 2014

One4All is a social giving + crowd-funding site  - 2014

Audacity Urban Youth Project provides youth opportunities for community engagement  - 2014

Tribal Convergence Network supports Community, Collaboration, & Communication    2013

Our Personal Financial Freedom Training Program online education for women in Africa - 2013

Forms of Identification  films by Jessica Ingersoll-Cope & Kristin Tieche / Selva Vision -2010

Cooperative Education Project
 development of cooperative education institutions 2013 - 2014
 human empathy and genius through the power of media and art  - 2012

Peace on EarthBench Movement (POEM) empowers youth & their communities to clean up the environment - 2011

Elizka Relief Foundation promotes sustainable integrated human development in Ghana  - 2011

The Berkeley Transition Initiative invites all of Berkeley, CA to create a positive transition from dependence on fossil fuels - 2011

The Transpartisan Alliance promotes a whole system, collaborative governance structure - 2008

Rising Tide re. Contemporary Chinese Art and Pearls on the Ocean Floor - films by Robert Adanto. - 2011