What Guides our Work

With roots in international development, policy making and human security research, Empowerment WORKS (EW) began in 2001 with a 7 Stage, local asset-based approach to community development. As a Global Betterment "Think-Tank in Action" (learning while doing), EW soon realized that "development" - and all that drives it - is part of an interdependent, whole-system, which can neither exist nor transform in a vacuum. Also understanding the need to change thinking before anything else will change, EW embraces a much deeper imperative to advance the philosophy of "asset based community-driven development" well beyond the "donor/non-profit/beneficiary" silo.

While making an immediate impact to create thriving communities; in all it does, EW represents a global paradigm shift from "linear and top down" to "Whole-System Empowerment through Collaboration" -- embracing the full potential of our planet's social, economic & ecological systems.

Philosophy in Action

  • Knowing that no one empowers anyone else, EW is a catalyst for whole-system collaborations, educational tools and a paradigm of self-determination, whereby people empower themselves to co-create a better world.
  • Recognizing that those who are most vulnerable to critical issues are the most effective agents of change, EW advances public policies and civic engagement platforms where they have a real voice in the decisions affecting their lives.
  • Understanding that 100% of Humanity is required to build a world that works for 100% Humanity, EW creates multi-sector frameworks and outreach events inspiring all sectors of society to build it from the ground up.
  • The genius of nature is EW's supreme guide and thus integrates its synergistic principals into ecologically-inspired program systems, processes and social technology for a thriving, empowered future.