Core Values

5 Key Tenets of our Work

1.  Collaboration: Build upon the efforts of other agents of change

Just about every initiative EW is involved in is a partnership or collaboration. Rather than acting alone or in competition, EW acts as a uniting force, and strategically engages optimal expertise, experience, and implementing capacity of complimentary local and global partners. EW leverages the power of like minded groups in synergistic action to achieve comprehensive solutions which none could accomplish alone. 

2. Positive Alternatives to Globalization

The awareness raising work revealing unjust economic policies of WTO, provide the foundation for EW to take corporate social responsibility to the next level. EW engages businesses in Public-Private Partnerships that reverse the effects of economic globalization through the creation of livelihoods that protect indigenous heritage and promote cultural diversity. EW's growing Partners in Empowerment (PIE) network and forums build the critical mass to make this viable. 

3.  Comprehensive Solutions vs. Single Issue (Band-Aid)

Rather than specializing in one issue or creating one program for all communities, EW specializes in an integrative process  (7 Stages to Sustainability) helping diverse communities resolve their most critical challenge to a healthier future, building a better world for all. By staying focused on the big picture in each community we are able mobilize limited resources in integrative social, economic & environmental action to address the root causes of poverty.

4. Local Empowerment vs. Top Down

When people are empowered, they find creative ways to resolve their own problems and better contribute to society and the world. EW empowers those most affected by critical challenges (AIDS, Economic Poverty, Drought/ Hunger caused by Climate Change), as primary agents of change in their communities.  Local citizens are accountable to the communities they live in for the long-term and have a deeper investment in project success. 

5. Investing in Economic Opportunities vs. Hand outs

Each community we work with has unique human and natural resources that when invested in, with appropriate technology, access to markets, and capital, can resolve many issues at once. To this end, programs are developed in concert with economic opportunities empowering local stakeholders to become self-reliant in meeting their needs.