What We Do

Empowerment WORKS unites local community leaders with global partners for sustainable social change.


Responsible Media Outreach & Civic Engagement Events

From think-tanks & press conferences to concerts, EW flagship event series include:

The Global Summit biennial sustainability forum fosters unity through diversity

 Artists in Action events celebrate, demonstrate and co-create an inspired future  

 Pulse of the Movement webcasts find and celebrate regenerative solutions and leaders  

Community Development Training & Capacity Building  

Empowering and uniting social entrepreneurs with the tools they need to lead:

 EW provides fiscal sponsorship & mentorship to projects advancing our 501c3 mission 

 7SS education programs empower community-based leaders to co-create local solutions

 7SS case studies and action learning that flip top down to Asset Based Community Development

Empowerment Labs: Innovation for Sustainable Social Change

From EW's first innovation, 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) springs a social business ecosystem:  
 EW Synergy Fund standards advance civil society collaboration and a ground-up development paradigm
 Using 7SS to overcome social collaboration divides, EW is co-creating 1PIE.org tech for geographic ones
 EW invites Partners In Empowerment (PIE) stakeholders' 6 sector genius to support program development