7 Stages to Sustainability + Permaculture in Bodhgaya, India

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 "7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS)" is a collaboration road map, Asset Based Community-driven Development (ABCD) framework, philosophy of self determination and a curriculum empowering people, businesses and organizations to turn local assets into community-led solutions.

7 Stages to Sustainability: A Permaculture Design Course

  • In addition to delivering essential 7SS tools for effective implementation of community-led solutions, this 2 week + sustainability intensive will be integrated with a full Permaculture design course provided by partners, Living Mandala.

Solutions & Deliverables

  • India based NGO, Sacred Earth Trust is introducing and using an appropriate technology solution "Ubuntu Blox" turning plastic waste into an economic resource whereby plastic is collected, cleaned, up-cycled / recycled, then compressed into functional building blocks used for local construction.  More info - Campaign & Video

  • Among the hands-on local solution building experiences, this training will be specially timed to help turn waste plastics into sustainable education center.

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