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    Will We Choose Oil or Life?

    Since August, thousands across the globe have gathered in solidarity with the Lakota to protect indigenous rights and critical water resources from the Dakota Access Pipeline (#NoDAPL), including over 4000 US veterans.  Demonstrating the power of critical mass collaboration, Standing Rock is on the map as the most important ecological and civil rights movement of our generation.

    In this very special Pulse of the Movement series, Tar Sands Whistleblower, John Bolenbaugh, Local Lakota Water Protector, Jenny Elizabeth Kelley, Constitutional Atty, Daniel Sheehan, and Eheska Lakota & Metis Water Protector, Kevin Meagher tell their truths, break down media myths, and illuminate what's at stake-from health to eco-systems to our democracy.

    Thanks and stay tuned as we continue to explore movements that shape our future.  
    Full Webcast Replay, plus Daniel Sheehan & Kevin Meagher

    Featured Voices Bios (in order of appearance)


    John Bolenbaugh

    Environmental Justice Advocate & Oil Spill Whistleblower

    As a clean up worker for S.E.T environmental (Enbridge) John became the whistleblower for the largest tar sand oil spill in north American history.   He has been featured on C-span, Huffington post, NPR, Mother Jones and hundreds of local and national news and radio organizations following the spill. His footage has been included in a half dozen tar sands documentaries, and his story was included in the E-book The Whistleblower by OnEarth Magazine.

    In 2011, John was asked to speak outside of the White House by 350 .org founder Bill McKibben. John has traveled around the country several times to give speeches and to document the Kalamazoo, Yellowstone, Mayflower and the Gull oil spills. He is a Navy veteran with a bronze Star, Union member, pipeline fencing supervisor, head yard boss appointed directly by Enbridge.  More: HELPPA.org

    Jenny Elizabeth Kelly

    Lakota Water Protector & Standing Rock Native

    Jenny is a native Lakota Sioux from the camp just next to Standing Rock, Rose Bud. She came to watch over her brothers and defend the sacred in support of #NoDAPL. She was teargassed in the recent actions and witnessed firsthand assaults on the front lines.

    Daniel Sheehan

    The Peoples Advocate & Lead Attorney and General Counsel for the Lakota People's Law Project 

    Sheehan litigated over a dozen historically significant American legal cases of the 20th Century. The remarkable cases covered in his book, available here, include both The Pentagon Papers Case in 1971 and The Watergate Burglary Case in 1973.

    In 1984, he was the Chief Trial Counsel on The American Sanctuary Movement Case, establishing the right of American church workers to provide assistance to Central American political refugees fleeing Guatemalan and Salvadorian “death squads.” Since 2006, Daniel Sheehan has served as the lead attorney and general counsel for the Lakota People’s Law Project (LPLP). Much of LPLP's work has been in South Dakota to stop violations of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and rescue Lakota children from an abusive state care system. Currently we’re organizing Tribes and advocacy organizations to call for a federal Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate and begin a healing process for the Indian Boarding School Era in the United States.  danielpsheehan.com   Lakota People's Law Project lakoktalaw.org   

    Kevin Meagher 
    Eheska Lakota &  & Metis Water Protector

    By blood Eheska Lakota (via his grandpa) from the Cheyenne River Rez, yet un-enrolled, Kevin's grandpa was a fluent Lakota speaker. He was the Hunka son (an adopted son via Lakota way) & long term ceremonial helper to a powerful medicine man aka holy man for many years from Cheyenne River. His mother is from the federally unrecognized Metis people of Montana. Many of whom escaped into MT after their rebellion against the Canadians in 1885.


    Melanie St. James - Executive Director of Empowerment WORKS and convener of The Global Summit - a Social, Economic & Environmental leadership forum providing a neutral platform for worldwide collaboration uniting diverse people, organizations and businesses working towards a healthier, culturally rich and sustainable future.